Innovoter Bags

The latest innovation in meal management for the fitness elite. 

Travel effortlessly with more than 5 meals, sports nutrition products and supplements. 

Comes with 2 Gel Packs, 5 containers and ergonomic shoulder strap.


  •  Modular shelving system:
        - Adjustable internal shelving system
        - Accommodates deeper containers 
  •  Fully insulated interior
        - Keeps meals fresh and safe
        - Hot or cold 
  •  Insulated side pockets:

    - Left side for water bottles, utensils, fruit
    - Right side for protein Blenderbottles 

  •  Gel Packs
    - slot in vertically
        - keeps food cold for +8hrs 
    ●  Containers:
         - BPA/PVC free,
         - Microwave safe
         - Dishwasher safe
         - Leak proof
  •  Ergonomic bag straps:
         - Padded straps for comfort

    Exterior Construction: 
     -1680D Polyester and 100% ballistic nylon

    Interior Construction: 
     - Cool Tech Lining

    External Dimensions:
 17”L X 9”W X 9”H 

       Exterior cleaning: Use a damp cloth with mild soap to spot clean external shell. Do not wash in dishwasher or washing machine.

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